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New Year, New Sh*t: 5 2023 Food Trends.

Get those taste buds ready for a shift in food culture! Going into 2023 the food industry, as well as the local home chef, are looking toward sustainable foods, plant-based protein, and bold new spices and I’m here for that shit! Here’s what’s on trend this year:

  • Plant-based beef – Get ready to take your burgers to the next level with plant-based beef that looks, cooks, and tastes like the real thing. #beyondmeat

  • High-tech cocktails – Automated barmen are in, whipping up craft cocktails tailored for each individual. Hands-free deliciousness.

  • Flavor-infused beer – Take your beer game to another level with unexpected hints of fruit, herbs, and spices like lavender and juniper.

  • Vegan ice cream – Admittingly this sounds gross but it's a great option for those who love sweets but are on a health journey. Vegan ice creams are now so rich and creamy, you won’t believe they’re dairy-free.

  • Japanese fusion cuisine – Japanese katsu-don is taking on new forms with creative medleys of traditional dishes and international flavors.

All of these are the start of great options but if the above doesn't look tasty enough to peek your foodie interest stay tuned - tons of new trends are emerging every week and I'll be sure to let you know what to get into.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the blog for more foodie goodness!

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