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Who TF Am I...

I’ve been cooking my whole life, literally since I was a badass kid, and dammit I still love it. There’s something special about feeding hungry ass people and seeing the joy on their faces, which makes a pro-home chef like me excited AF. That’s why I decided to branch out and share the random recipes and techniques I created. Hopefully, you love this shit and decide to share it with your cooking family as well.  


Why TF Are you Here? 

Let's cut to the chase, you love food and I love to cook. That's pretty much it in a nutshell, right?  If I had to dive deeper I'd say we're both on a dope ass journey to discover new foods, new recipes, and ways to elevate your meals with basic things you can find in your cabinets. I'll also be sharing everything I learn along the way. Check out the "Read Me" section for new food trends and what's in season and the "Eat Me" section for the gram highlights. 


What TF You Can Expect!

Some good ass food, often! I strive to try new things and I love to share them with my people, so no that you're a part of the foodie fam you'll know what I know. You can also expect honest, direct, and informative ways of me getting this shit from my lips to your ears. 

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