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Here's WTF You Should Eat This January!

Leafy greens
Food to eat in January 2023

Another year and I’m back with another list of delicious ass food for you to get into. In this edition of WTF you should be eating I’m sharing some great tips to eat hearty and healthy and best of all (as always) most of these items are in season which means they won’t be too expensive. Take advantage of this surge in new year's energy and set your year up for a great one by nourishing that body. Check out the list below. Pro tip: click the hyperlinks for recipes.

Sustain your energy levels with superfoods like seaweed, dark leafy greens, and chia seeds. Full of fiber, minerals, and great for your digestion after eating those holiday meals.

Make the most of in-season vegetables like artichokes and beets to get your daily dose of antioxidants. Both are amazing in dips and with the big game coming up theta re right on time.

Artichoke Dip

Stock up on citrus fruits like oranges to boost your immunity and your Vitamin C intake. This weather is fickle, citrus is a no-brainer for fighting colds - and cocktails.

Fill up on healthy fats with avocados, nuts, and seeds to keep you energized all month long while caring for your heart & skin. Hot girl/boy summer is right around the corner and you should be glowing.

Include whole grains like quinoa and oats to help with satiety and to provide complex carbohydrates. They fill you up in the cold weather without making you feel too heavy or pack on the pounds.

Quinoa Bowl

If your body needs a warm treat, opt for soups and stews made with warming vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Chili is a go-to for me and you wouldn't believe how healthy it is for you.

Take a bite. Get into these foods and come back and let me know how tasty they were. 😉 Don't forget to check the rest of the blog for some other bangin' food content.

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