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Your Air Fryer Is Your Best Friend!

Let me tell you why...

A while back I told you about the best gadgets to have in your kitchen, if you missed it you can read it here. Now, I want to double down on just why one of those gadgets will be your best-used appliance this summer. The air fryer has been trending over the last year or so and mainly because of its ease of use but there are a few more reasons that make it necessary.

For starters, it saves you so much time! Yes, you can turn on your stove to roast a chicken but can the oven cook it in 20 minutes? It also takes care of all the guesswork for those who aren't very comfortable in the kitchen. Most come with pre-set guides for a variety of food so all you have to do is click a few buttons and let it do its thing. Most importantly it's versatile enough to do more than just air fry. You can bake, broil, re-heat pretty much anything. Lastly, it can take your healthy eating game to a whole new level. Remove all the grease from french fries and wings but keep eating the comfort you love.

If the above wasn't enough proof you should get an air fryer today, check out some of this list of food you can make from our friends at Buzzfeed.

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