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WTF Is A Flat Hot Dog???

Flat Hot Dogs

Over the years I've seen many debates on what is considered a sandwich and as a sandwich lover, I have a very strong opinion (Check out this post if you want to see it) on what falls into this category of deliciousness. Some say anything between two pieces of bread is appropriate, which includes hot dogs, hamburgers, bratwurst, etc. While others, like me, solely believe it has to be two flat pieces of bread and generally deli meat. Someone out there decided to end this debate and create a walks the Flat Hotdog.

I'm not sure who officially created this beast but I do know it's the same ingredients as a hot dog, just without the casing. In a sense, it's understandable. Easier to cook, one set of buns or bread, but something about it just doesn't sit right. It kills the nostalgia of BBQs as a kid and slaps the love of my hometown Chicago Dog in the face and honestly it's no healthier than the original. In short, I won't be grilling up these monstrosities this summer. What about you?

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