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Winter Salad - Get Into It.

(It's Surprisingly Filling af)

Cranberries are synonymous with holiday meals, specifically as a sauce, but believe it or not, the only way I prefer my cranberries is in my Vodka-cran cocktail. I find them to be bitter and kind of tart with a lingering taste that infects all the damn food on the plate. That said, I wanted to change my attitude and see if I could find a way to incorporate them into a dish that would highlight the little red devils. Enter the winter salad! I love a good salad and normally we only think to eat them during warm weather but we can actually enjoy them year-round. This recipe that I found on is easy to assemble, uses in-season winter ingredients, and comes with great reviews from the foodie community. Honestly, I don't even taste the cranberries but they do look good mixed in. Try it for yourself.

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