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Why Is Food So F*cking Good!?!?!

Throughout my cooking journey, I have learned a lot of shit! I’ve practiced daily, taken classes, subscribed to master classes with Gordan Ramsey and Wolfgang Puck, and often Youtube something new regularly. With all of that, I can honestly say one of the best things I’ve experienced was watching Salt, Fat, Acid Heat on Netflix. Chef/Author/Host Samin Nosrat turned her book of the same name into an amazing fucking show where she details the four categories and how they forever change how we enjoy food.

Each of the staple techniques she covers is the building blocks that will take your cooking game to a whole new level. If your food tastes bland, it probably just needs salt. If you want to bring out the flavors or highlight certain spices, add acid. Charring peppers over an open flame brings a ton of flavor to an ordinary vegetable and can change the flavor of your whole meal. In short, mastering an understanding of these four categories is what will make your food taste so fucking delicious.

She also dives deep into where these techniques come from and how they influence various cuisines so you’ll get some bomb-ass knowledge and recipes out of the watch. Check it out on Netflix and let me know what you think.

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