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Why Do Your Taste Buds Change?

When I was a kid my grandmother made my ass stay at the table all night if I refused to eat broccoli. I literally fell asleep on the table and then would go to bed hungry. Back then I hated it. Now, as a somewhat healthy adult, I put that shit in everything. Riced broccoli, broccoli salad, broccoli in my green juice, you name it. It could be that I just got over the taste, more likely it's probably because my taste buds have changed.

Think about it, how many foods did you hate growing up but now love. Another one for me would be seafood. I thought crabs were gross but now I get excited for a seafood boil as if I've never had it before. Our bodies are constantly growing and cells are changing and that includes the ones on our tongues. Bitter things start to become sweeter and sometimes sweet things taste a bit salty. Of course, aside from your natural progression, there are certain illnesses and complications that can change what and how you taste but overall as you get older it'll change. That's why I'm encouraging you to try new foods often. You never know what you may be in love with now - I'm obsessed with truffles btw.

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