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Three Food Trends To Watch in 2022 .

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Get Ready For The Yummy

We’ve made it to the new year and it’s time to start looking to the future of food and what we can expect in 2022. It’s no secret that in the last two years we’ve been more conscious and intentional about what we put in our bodies. Whether it’s for health reasons or just plain enjoyment, our demands have shaped food culture and given rise to several new trends that will impact everything from your local corner store to your favorite restaurant. Let's check them out.

E Food, Smart Shopping:

After a few years of on and off home restrictions most consumers embraced having everything delivered to them, including weekly groceries. The surge in E-Shopping and having to cook for ourselves, for safety and convenience, also led to the increase in services like Imperfect Foods and Hello Fresh who provide ease of use meals without the risk of increasing global food waste. As we start re-adjusting our schedules to venture out into the world, smart technology that continues to easily provide us with everything we need will grow in popularity.

Urban Farming:

Advances in technology and the constant demand for sustainably grown food has increased the footprint of the urban farmer. Not too long ago only big box stores like Whole Foods were known for producing in-house vegetable gardens, now most consumers with access to platforms like Amazon can grow their own herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables on their kitchen counter. The convenience, moral implications, and desire to have healthier products indicate this trend will become the new norm.

Pre-Made Drinks:

Wine is no longer the only guy on the block when it comes to ready-to-drink bottled spirits. The rise of hard seltzers opened the door for other pre-made drink companies like Craft House Cocktails and Bottoms Up Cocktails to step in with options that are timely and tastier than some of their predecessors. With consumers traveling less frequently to happy hours and more to their local grocery store the purchase of these such items will continue to increase simply because they are cost-effective as well as delicious.

In short, the name of the new food game in 2022 can be summed up as healthy & convenient. We’ve all adjusted to some sort of “life at home” which changed our perception of the cost of food, the health benefits we get from what we eat, and made us very aware of how we spend our time running everyday errands. Expect trends like these to continue growing in the next few years as consumers continue to demand what they want when they want it.

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