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This or That? Which Kitchen Appliance Is Most Necessary

(Let's End This Damn Debate)

Aside from forcing us to stay our asses indoors, and in most cases reevaluate what TF we want to do with our lives, the past year of the pandemic has made us take a hard look at our kitchen and see it as more than just another room in the house. The kitchen, and everything in it, has become necessary since in-door dining has been limited if at all open in most places. While picking up knives and spatulas is second nature for some, others may have needed a little help, here is where a variety of small kitchen appliances step in to save the day. A quick search on Amazon will bring you over 9,000 items, all of which can be useful but obviously all not necessary so let's break this shit down a few of the best and determine what you really need to keep your cooking game going strong.

Some appliances like microwaves are a no-brainer since they can be used to melt, heat, soften, etc. and more than often comes standard in most homes but they lack a lot of other functions we need to fully prepare a meal unless you like rubbery chicken. Others like sous vide machines, which sound fancier than they are, can prepare a perfect meal for you with no fuss but for a non-tech savvy cook it can seem a bit daunting. Waffle makers, fondue pots, panini presses, the list goes on but don’t worry. The below list runs through a few of the top-rated products that will help you create amazing meals and won’t break the bank. There’s also a clear winner for you to try as well, in my opinion.

  • Air Fryer - This bad boy has been around for a while and completely saturated social media given how easy they are to use and the variety of things they can cook. Check out this post about TikTok cooking hacks that can show you a few things.

  • Blender - Smoothies as meal replacements, juices for healthy snacks, and margaritas just because. Blenders are definitely necessary but limited to only liquid drinks and maybe some sauces if you’re a badass who likes pasta.

  • Slow Cooker - This staple has been around for decades and is not going anywhere. The only drawback here is the time it takes to bring these delicious meals to life. The upside is they are so cost-effective you can get them just about anywhere for under $20.

  • Microwave - If you don’t have one do yourself a favor and grab one from your local Home Depot. Like the blender, they are limited when it comes to cooking a meal from scratch but if you need to reheat or aid in cooking something this will be your best friend.

  • Indoor Grill - Who doesn’t love grilled meals? They are healthy and flavorful and with the smokeless indoor grill, you don’t have to worry about the mess of setting up with charcoal or propane. The downside, they can be a bit pricey for a quality one.

Winner: Air Fryer

Honestly, if you have the cash I would suggest keeping all of these items in your kitchen since they give you a variety of ways to bring that new Instagram recipe to life, but the Air Fryer is the clear winner. For about $80 you can get a large one that will bake, fry, reheat, melt, etc. and the best part is cleaning it is extremely easy.

Which ones do you have?

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