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Food's To Pick Up This Season...

Don’t let this crazy ass weather fool you, summer is almost over! We have a few more weeks of hot and cold weather (especially in the northeast) but that doesn't mean fall is not rapidly approaching. Just like the seasons' change, certain foods are coming into season and are more readily available which means it's time for you to get your ass to the grocery store and pick up something Fresh. Everything from fruits and veggies to staple grains and lean proteins is going to be on sale, in ripe condition, and packed full of flavor. Since fall foods are my favorite I’ve come up with a list of a few to look out for (see the image above) as you’re planning weekday dinners and a few easy recipe ideas to try below. 

Apples (Bramley)  Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread Nothing says fall like apple picking or stuffing your face with warm bread and pies. This recipe combines that feeling in a glam take on apple pie and is light yet filling and most importantly tasty AF. 

Leeks Bacon, Leek, and Mushroom Risotto If you love Italian food like me you’ll love this Risotto recipe that calls for Bacon, Mushrooms, and our star, Leeks. If you’re unfamiliar all you need to know about Leeks are that they are basically the cousins of onions. 

Crab Low Country Crab Boil The sweet juicy leg meat of a Dungeness crab can't be beaten no matter how you prepare it. It’s easy, takes only minutes, and is always delicious. Trying this cajun crab boil recipe will be the highlight of your night.

Let's Get Cookin!

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