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2020 Food Trends

Let’s face it, 2020 predictions don't mean shit, especially as we enter the last quarter of the year. We all started out with high hopes of attending bomb ass brunches, new gastropubs, and eating some delicious food truck treats. 2020 had other plans. There is a good side of the shutdown though. We avoided overpriced food trends and for the most part, became more resourceful. Some people learned to cook (even if it was just pasta every night) and it made us all appreciate what we can find in our local grocery stores. We had to evaluate what we could spend money on and it produced some pretty good staple meals we can cook well into the new year. 

Check out this list of sustainable shit you can cook through the new year.

Buying In Bulk

  • There is a reason Costco’s design is successful. Buying in bulk is cheaper and in most cases you get quality products that last a lot longer and become staples for every meal. 

  • What to buy: Pasta, Grains, canned meats like Tuna and Chicken, canned veggies like beans, corn, and tomatoes. 

Meal Prepping 

  • Instagram took this concept and ran with it, but with good merit. Cooking that shit ahead of time removes the pressure of trying to rush a weekday lunch or dinner and can be easier than figuring out what’s new on GrubHub. 

  • What to buy: Veggies that reheat well like broccoli, string beans, and corn. Starches like sweet potatoes and rice and to make it even easier, grab a rotisserie chicken to break up across the meals. 

Healthy Foods That Fight

  • We’re living in the time of Covid-19 and most people have realized that what we consume can help us fight this virus. This has led to an increase in natural disease fighters and we should definitely keep eating these as Flu season comes around. 

  • What to buy: Spices like ginger and raw garlic that fight inflammation and support blood cells, citrus heavy fruits like oranges and grapefruits that boost your immune system, and lean meats like chicken and grass-fed beef which provide protein and energy. 

Start Doing These Things & Prepare For Deliciousness!

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