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Recipe Inspiration From BuzzFeed Tasty

I love a good cooking show, especially one that delivers a great recipe and is funny AF. While Chopped and Top Chef will always be a staple, Buzzfeed Tasty has become another go-to catalog for new recipes and tips & tricks. If you hadn't heard back in 2015 the entertainment website Buzzfeed launched its cooking sister site Tasty and dove into video content to expand via Facebook. Since then they moved to Youtube and amassed 20 million subscribers with a slew of collections focused on cooking challenges, simple but fun recipes, and hilarious tasting challenges. While I'll always want you to stay tuned here to get your foodie goodness, let's share the love and check out some content from Tasty and expand our cooking skills. Check out some of my favorites below.

Stay Tuned - The Gin Roe Cooks YouTube Channel will be up and running soon!
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