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National Fast Food Day!

(And Yes I'm torn...)

If you’ve read anything on this site then you probably know my disdain for the plastic garbage that is fast food and how I often stress clean, healthy, quick meals you can make at home. What you don’t know is I have a secret…I was addicted to White Castles 😔. Hear me out, it was the perfect late-night snack food, inexpensive, and always satisfying. Even though my stomach would regret eating it the next day, the first bite was always worth it. I’m certain there is a fast food joint like that for you, right? So today, in honor of your memories and late-night cravings let’s celebrate National Fast Food Day. Take a daff off from the kitchen, spend a few bucks, and enjoy (something on the healthier side of the menu 😉).

Fun fact, 100 years ago today (about this time) White Castles began serving those addictive mini sliders.

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