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National Cognac Day (Recipe inside)!

If you haven't noticed, we f*cking love a good cocktail around here (check out my post on national beer day or any other spirit post on this site), but the best part about a good spirit is that it's multifunctional. Think about it, you can make a great glaze for your Sunday ham with whiskey or use vodka to make a decadent sauce for your pasta. Today though, we are celebrating the grandad of liquor, Cognac! June 4, is National Cognac Day and we're going to celebrate by raising a glass and making a meal.

Unlike the popular Instagram cooking trend of using Hennesy or Hennesy white to make a sauce for well...anything the refined much older Cognac is richer and tastier when used to enhance the flavor of your meals. To prove it I'm sharing a dope ass recipe for pan-seared steak with a cognac sauce for you to try, courtesy of our friends at Diet Hood. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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