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National Cocktail Day!

6 Drink Recipes To Help You Celebrate 🍸

Yes, on the heels of celebrating what is arguably the largest U.S. drinking party, St. Patrick’s Day, comes another holiday to celebrate our beloved spirits. March 24th is National Cocktail Day and I love a great cocktail so, of course, I had to share my love with you.

Rumored to have first been created back in the 1800s, the cocktail has had a long history of evolution. Growing from punch bowl dinks made of spirits, fruits, and spices, to being banned for over ten years in the 1920s to now being sold pre-made at your local grocery store. A journey stressful enough that makes you want a drink. Cocktails range in a variety of flavors and can fit multiple occasions and occasionally make the environment better (when consumed responsibly 😜 ). So check out these recipes for a few great drinks and celebrate this unofficial holiday with me. Drink up B*tches! 🍸

  1. Bloody Mary - Long revered as the hangover cure that keeps the party going.

  2. French 75 - A celebration drink of champs.

  3. Irish Coffee - For those who need an even balance of "pick me up" and "lay me down". Think Starbucks but boozy.

  4. Manhattan - An oldie but a goodie. Classic whiskey drink for the classy adults.

  5. Martini - Simple and sophisticated, great for the Gin/Vodka crowd, and easy to make.

  6. Paloma - The Margarita's cool and refreshing Tequila cousin. Perfect for summer.

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