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National Champagne Day!

Turn TF Up!

Well, shit. Here we are again closing out a mess of a year and heading into a new one with uncertainty. That doesn’t mean that we all are lacking any reason to be grateful and celebrate the wins we’ve had over the past year and for that we need a glass of bubbles. 🍾 Champagne has been a celebratory drink for centuries and if you weren't aware it’s a sparkling wine that comes from Champagne, a region in northern france. Given today is also National Champagne Day (12.31.21) we have even more reason to toast to the possibility of a great 2022. Go out and grab yourself a bottle of French75 or Veuve Clicquot and have a happy New Year. Oh, and if you’re game, spice up your party with this Classic Champagne Cocktail recipe. 🥂

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