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Movie Night Snacks

(Make this shit tonight)

Daylight savings brought its ass around again this year and while we’re grateful for the extra hour of sleep we’re not a fan of nightfall happening before we even finish our work day. The darkness generally makes us want to stay inside, chill on the couch, and watch a good movie (with a drink of course). So while we can’t change the early evening changes we can, at the very least, make that couch time the best we can with some delicious movie night snacks. Check out a few of my favorites below that are easy and quick AF to make and prepare for the food coma.

You would think mac and cheese is just a side, oh hell no! This loaded mac and cheese recipe is perfect as a main dish and a satisfying snack.

I’ll say it time and time again, wings are a staple for every gathering including movie night. This sweet and spicy take on them is the perfect pairing for a scary movie night. Excitement all around.

30 minutes of your time with this spicy dip recipe and you’ll elevate your chip and dip situation forever. Try this today.

Finger food is always best when it’s stuffed! Try this bacon and cheese stuffed sliders you can make with no fuss (in the oven) and with plenty of time to choose your Netflix show.

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