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Leftovers! Make This Sh*t Today & Eat It All Week.

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

(Eat it again and again!)

I cook so often that there are always leftovers in my fridge and they're probably my favorite thing to eat!

This may totally just be my imagination or come from some made-up rationale but there has to be something special in the process of food chillin' in the fridge overnight that makes it twice as good. Don't get me wrong, there are few things better than a warm meal but one of them could be having that warm meal again whenever you want it. According to a few studies, some ingredients continue "cooking" overnight leading to enhanced flavors. In other cases, it's a similar process to marinating -in that the ingredients continue to soak in and blend together. Or in my personal belief, the meal was so damn tasty that your mind convinces you each bite is better to the last. Weird, I know. In any case, below are a few recipes you can use to test out these theories while stuffing your face over and over again.

This recipe is harder to pronounce than it is to make and my take on it is super simple yet tasty AF. It's a one-point dish that can feed the whole family and you'll still have more for lunch. Here's my take on it.


You can't tell me lasagna isn't built to last an entire week. There are always leftovers and it's so rich that it's nearly impossible to eat in one sitting.

Meat Loaf

An American staple and a testament to easy cooking! The fat content in the meat (generally fatty ground beef) paired with the sauce on top (tomato-based or BBQ) keeps this dish moist and tender with every re-heat.

Rice Bowls

The most versatile ingredient out there, rice may not initially have a lot of flavor but absorbs everything around it. Use your leftover takeout rice or make a fresh batch and top with your favorite protein, veggies, and sauce, and within a few minutes, you have meals for the week.

Roast Chicken

You can never go wrong with a whole ass roasted chicken. Depending on the size of the bird there will be plenty of meat to go around and it can be used in a variety of different ways. Use it in a salad, a burrito, a sandwich, the possibilities are endless.

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