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Kitchen Setup - All The Sh*t You Need

I’ve talked about how to make elevated meals with the basic shit that we already have in our houses but a friend recently reminded me I’ve yet to talk about the tools you need to do so. This is an important topic especially since most people think you need a lot of expensive items to make a great meal. False! Don’t get me wrong there are some specific items that help the cooking process and are necessary to put it down in the kitchen, but there are even more alternatives and ways around shelling out tons of dollars for cookware. Let’s dive into the list below to get you on the path to having your kitchen cabinets set up for success.


You will always need a good knife. Chopping, slicing, dicing, etc. a knife is your best friend when preparing a meal, and contrary to common belief you don’t need a ton of them. A good 8-inch Chef’s knife is pretty much all you need for almost any job. The good news is that it comes in most knife sets and you can grab some good ones from Amazon. Here is a set very similar to mine and comes with it all.

Pots & Pans

Of course, you need something to cook your food in, and like everything else on this list you don't have to break the bank for a good set. Fancy brands like Le Creuset or Rachel Ray can run up to $500+ but there are good alternatives under $100. The focus for cookware should be on the material. I find cooking with copper or ceramic pans are best for even cooking and good for cleaning up. I recommend this inexpensive set.

Small Appliances

Lastly, you want to make your time in the kitchen as easy and fun as possible. This is where small countertop appliances come in. Items as simple as a toaster saves a ton of time and energy and devices like an air fryer are not only a healthier option for fried food but reduces messes in the kitchen. Depending on what you love to eat there is more than likely a $20 appliance you can pick up to aid in your cooking life. Check out this list from Best Buy.

If you haven’t heard it, check out my podcast the W.T.F Podcast season1 episode 8 which covers Kitchen Setup and other shit you need to know.

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