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Here's WTF You Should Eat This Spring!

New Season, New Sh*t to eat!

Spring is in full effect and as always, the change in weather brings us tasty new items to add to our grocery list. There’s no doubt we loved our comfort food during the winter months but the rise in warm air calls for lighter meals full of vibrant color and fresh flavors. Don’t forget summer is right around the corner and pretty much everything on this list contains fiber, good fats, and lean protein that can help you get that ideal summer body. Take a look below for items you can find at your local grocery store or farmers' market for a great price this season. There's also a few recipes for you. 😉


Asparagus - Roasted Asparagus



Lemons - Homemade Lemonade

Lettuce - Summer Salads


Leeks - Bacon & Leek Risotto




Salmon - Honey Soy Salmon


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