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Here's Why Beans Are Your Best Friend.

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

(Don't Hate on the legumes!)

Beans Are Your Best Friend

Let’s face it, beans are not the sexiest food to talk about and definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Gram-worthy pics. However, they are more influential/necessary than you think in the holistic picture of a great balanced diet. More and more people are gravitating toward food that not only makes their insides feel good but also not expensive enough to devastate the pockets. Those people being people with budgets, not the generation playing rock paper scissors to determine their next fast food meal for the day on TikTok. There’s so much more to beans than you know and if you haven't thought about keeping a few cans on deck let me tell you why you should.


Name a more iconic duo than pork n’ beans. I’ll wait. Lol Seriously though, for those balling on a budget beans can literally be added to any meal to make it filling and hearty. They absorb most seasoning and sauces making them a flavor warehouse and depending on if you have canned or dry beans the cooking time is ridiculously short (mainly for canned/soaked beans).

Health Benefits

Vegetarians know that if you’re looking for a protein-packed meal beans come in for the win every time. They are high in amino acids which build protein. They also help the body in other ways like providing antioxidants, improving gut health, and even preventing heart disease. Very few food ingredients can boast that.

Cost & Shelf Life

Depending on the variety of beans you eat the cost will fluctuate but they’ll never add up to more than a few bucks to feed an entire family. You can grab a 1lb bag of pinto beans from Target for $0.99 that will last for months. Or you can grab a can of black beans for your Mexican side dish for about $1 - $2 anywhere that you can use 6 months from now or feed a few friends this evening. The point is beans give you what you need without leaving you broke.

Though I didn't talk about the many varieties of beans out there I encourage you to add some to your next few meals and see if you don't feel satisfied and healthier in the next week. If you’re looking for ideas to get started, here are a few recipes from our friends at Buzzfeed Tasty.

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