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Foodie Shows You Should Be Watching

(Get Into These Asap )

Happy Black People Cooking

Chances are if you’re reading this you love cooking, and if you do then you’ve probably spent a ridiculous amount of hours watching some great fucking foodie shows. Whether you get down with the high energy competitions like Chopped on the Food Network or like to get personal and learn new techniques from Netflix’s The Chef Show, there's a variety that are entertaining and inspiring. Below you’ll find a few of my favorites that are definitely worth a watch. And for those of you out there looking to expand your palette and beef up those skills, this is a good ass start.

If you’re looking for a show that has amazing food and a shit ton of celebrities this is it. Chef David Chang explores food flavors and their cultural impact with the occasional guest.

Chef Samin Nosrat bossed up and turned her book, of the same name, into a journey of food and culture and shows us how these four ingredients are staples in enhancing food flavor.

Rapper Action Bronson takes us on a tour of the world while he performs and passionately dives into different cuisines as he goes. Along the way he highlights dope places to visit and rare delicious finds to try.

Superstar Chef Bobby Flay is one of the best in the cooking game (and my favorite) so it’s only right that up and comers test out their chops against the giant. It’s a fast fun show thats not over complicated.

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