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Food That Feeds The Sex Drive

Let's call a thing a thing, most of us have and enjoy sex, and believe it or not food tends to be a big part of that experience. Whether it's dinner before or a part of the kinky foreplay, food can help take the situation to another level. That said, check out this list of items you can easily add to your daily routine to increase your sex drive and keep that performance at top tier levels. 😈

Nuts and berries are easy to find, most grocery stores sell them by the pound and are always good to satisfy hunger as well as boost energy. Add them to protein shakes or smoothies to get those horny vibes working without a lot of effort.

Fatty Fish & Shell Fish has long been regarded as aphrodisiacs but also have a history of being beneficial for your heart and health overall. Grab some salmon and oysters and go to town before getting down. The dopamine from them will have you feeling very relaxed.

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