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Want To See What I Cooked In 2023?

It’s been a minute since I posted new content, my bad Ginroe cooks fam, but I'm back with some end-of-the-year sh*t to set us up for 2024 which will surely be another great year of cooking down!

Over the last year, I’ve been cooking every day per usual but didn't share as much as I’d like so this post is all about the deliciousness I kept to myself. We're talking pasta galore, savory chicken, juicy steaks, and hearty rice dishes that will get the taste buds salivating and hopefully inspire you to throw down in the kitchen soon.

Check out the pics below and look for upcoming recipe drops here on Don't forget to follow @ginroecooks on IG for more foodies pics.

Looking for beef? I got you. Some of my favorite dishes to make were beef-based and I had a variety of recipes to try. You know I try to keep shit healthy so most of these are simply fresh ingredients and solid protein.

Below you have Brisket - served with cabbage and potatoes, pepper steak over rice, skirt steak over broccoli farfalle pasta, & flank steak with green beans and carrots.

Next up, my favorite protein of all, chicken! There are so many ways to cook it and I tried them all.

Look how good this shit looks (and it was tasty AF)! Roasted chicken quarter over rice pilaf, grilled chicken breast with beans & potatoes, air-fried chicken legs, pan-seared chicken with carrots and green beans, and broiled chicken thighs over zucchini and rice 😝.

Lastly, we gotta throw some fuckin' pasta in there. Nothing makes your tummy feel yummy like a bowl of warm savory delicious pasta.

Is your mouth watering yet? Rasta pasta, seafood scampi, Sausage and orecchiette, and my favorite pasta, cavatappi with dried tomatoes and sausage.

Hopefully, these pics inspired you to whip up something special for dinner tonight. I'll be back with the recipes for each soon.

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