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Did You Know Today Is National Kebab Day?


Who doesn't love a snack on a stick?

It's unofficial but at some point in 2019 the people decided to make July 9th the day we celebrate the delicious creation known as the Kebab. Traditionally, Kebabs are savory spiced meats shaped around a stick/spit and slow-roasted to perfection but over the years it's taken on a whole new life. Now, a "kebab" could be a mix of meats and assorted veggies, just veggies, or technically even the illustrious American corn dog (a stretch, I know). Regardless of how you decide to make them you have to admit it, they are as popular as they are delicious. Originating from places like Africa, Europe, & The Middle East Kebabs quickly gained popularity in the U.S., specifically cities like New York with diverse communities and the need for food on the go. Let's not forget that they are the perfect summer snack since they are healthy and full of protein and don't take a lot of energy to make, especially if you're already grillen'. Make some today and enjoy all summer long.

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