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Delivery or In-Store SHopping?

(where do you get your groceries)

There's no doubt the pandemic has changed our lives and the way we do things. What used to be basic ass tasks have become somewhat dangerous and complicated, this includes feeding your family. For me, the grocery store was a reprieve from sitting in the house but for others, it was an ordeal that was approached with extreme caution. Over the last few months Ol' Rona has led to an increase in shoppers using services that will bring your groceries to you. I'm on the fence about this since I truly enjoy grabbing a deal that's only in-store or getting the best in-season produce but I admit it's easier to have canned goods delivered by Amazon Fresh. Either way, here is a list of delivery services for you to try and compare. Take a look and let me know whether you'd prefer one of them or going to the store in person.

Amazon Fresh - Great if you're a loyal Amazon customer and now includes Wholefoods access but can be pricey with additional fees.

Fresh Direct - Always offering a deal ($25 off, etc.) and serves most rural areas. Delivery times can be difficult.

Instacart - Offers hand-selected groceries and specialized services but the reviews are horrible. Try at your own risk.

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