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Considering going vegetarian? Read this First! (Tips Included)

(There are many options to eat well)

A while back I wrote a post highlighting the growing wave of plant-based meals for 2021, posted here, and now that we're almost halfway through the year we need to revisit that vibe. In short, I'm doubling down! While I will always be a carnivore the numbers don't lie and if you're an avid social media user you know the gram is full of "proof" as well. A quick Google tells me the number of searches for vegetarian-friendly (and sugar-free options) has surged in the first quarter of the year. This is probably due to a few of us packing on pandemic weight, but all the same, it's clear we're looking for healthier options for the long term. If you don't know where to start, start here! Check out my 3 tips on how to start your vegetarian journey.

Little by Little - It really does start with small amounts. Increase your veggie intake by 10% each meal for a week. This could be a couple of extra florets of broccoli or a slightly larger side salad or even a handful of fruit at breakfast. Before you know it you'll feel full faster and more satisfied and not even notice you've improved your diet.

Trick Yourself - This is where veggie products come in handy. While some items will never taste the same (which is a huge factor for a lot of people not choosing plant-based meals) there are a few that are still very delicious. Gardein makes amazing faux chicken nuggets and the Impossible brand's burgers and sausages are damn near close to the real deal. Check out the veggie aisle and swap one item you normally eat with a veggie version once a week.

Season That Shit - If I never tell you anything else it will be this, season everything! We can't get around the fact that if you've been eating meat your whole life you will have an acquired taste for it and nothing will truly be the same, but, you can improve the taste of any meal with a few extra pinches of salt, a dash of cayenne pepper, or some Tumeric. Play around with seasonings until you find what you like and incorporate that shit into your veggie options. I guarantee it will make everything better.

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