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Celebrating Black History Month Through Food

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

(Because You Know It's So Damn Delicious)

There’s a ton of reasons why I’m happy and proud to be black and one of the reasons that sit firmly in my list of top three is delicious ass food! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried many different cuisines and they all have the most amazing flavors, but something about black people's food just hit differently. There's something deeper than a pinch of salt or a dash of paprika that elevates the satisfaction you get from it. It’s no secret to me since I know all the seasoning and sauces the ancestors came up with and passed down through generations and across countries. However, I do see the mystery, intrigue, and excitement on the faces of people when they try their first plate of soul food and that alone is enough to celebrate it. Have you ever heard the term “you put your foot in that!''? In short, it means the cook gave it their all, and honesty that's the best reaction to a good meal.

The magic doesn't stop with the flavors. It's the tradition and the history behind the meals and how they were made that tell a story and leave lasting memories with those who make them. It’s the fact that mealtime is a great uniter for all kinds of families and in those connections, we bond deeply over satisfying dishes. Even more, some of these dishes were created out of impoverished and horrible circumstances but have become celebrated staples across millions of menus around the world. There is something very special about black people’s food and in honor of Black History Month let’s celebrate by making some of the sh*t listed below. You know you’ll enjoy it.

Check out my recipe for Sweet Heat Wings, you don’t have to make the sauce to have delicious a** fried wings.

My grandmother’s mac and cheese is by far the best home-cooked version I have ever had but despite that, she won’t share the recipe so I’ll share one from a chef I admire. Check it out on Darius Cooks site.

The Food Network will always hold you down with a great recipe and this one from Sunny Anderson does not disappoint.

Traditionally greens can take hours to make due to their tough texture but generally, the time spent is worth it. Check this recipe out and let me know what you think.

Another protein staple in the black household is Fried Catfish and while it’s not my favorite this recipe can’t be denied.

Sweet Potato vs Pumpkin pie is highly debated during the holidays and I say you’re crazy if you choose pumpkin. Make this oh so tasty recipe for Sweet Potatoes and you’ll never go back.

Celebrate Hard & Heavy!

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