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8 Tasty A** Spring Dinners You Should Make This Week

Finally, Spring is back in action and we’re all getting a reprieve from the cold ass weather we’ve had to endure (and also the heavy comfort food we’ve been eating). Just like the doors opening with this warm weather our pallets need to open up too. There is a ton of fresh produce and protein on the grocery store shelves so let’s worth exploring which means new recipes are filling up all the cooking blogs. Here are a few I found that are perfect for making the rest of the week. Check a few out and let me know if they are as tasty to you as they were to me!

Salads: Salads are an easy win and what most of us think of when we want a quick meal thats refreshing but filling. The three below take lettuce to the next level. Tons of flavor, protein, and sauces go a long way.

Pasta: Now I know pasta sounds a bit heavy but with the right additions, mainly spring vegetables and a light sauce, you can turn this cabinet staple into a perfect spring/summer meal.

Hearty: Just because it's hearty doesn’t mean it has to be heavy. For those meat lovers or foodies who need something more filling the below recipes add in a nice amount of protein. Paired with the right amount of vegetables these dishes still give you what you need.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for all the recipes I’ll be serving up over the next few weeks.

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