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6 Foods You Should Eat For Your Hot Body Summer

(Let's Go Get It)

Last week we talked about what’s in season for April, let's double down on the fresh food vibe and talk about what you should be eating for summer. We missed the turn-up last year due to the pandemic but we have a good opportunity to enjoy this one so let’s make sure we’re full of energy and feeling good as hell. Take a look at this list of food items you should start eating now and look forward to a slimmer waist, energy boost, and overall good health.

Quinoa - This is a perfect substitute for heavy ass grains like rice, pasta, and wheat but will keep you full. It's full of fiber and protein as well, both ingredients you need to build muscle and eliminate toxins.

Eggs - Probably the most popular source of breakfast protein, eggs are perfect for a low-calorie meal that’s rich in amino acids that will help you build muscles. I love a hard-boiled egg as a snack or in my salad

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Swap your fatty and sugary salad dressings with some olive oil, lemon juice, and salt & pepper for a tasty and much healthier dressing. EVOO is widely known to help lower cholesterol and burn fat.

Dark Green Veggies - We’re talking spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. The list of helpful vitamins you get in dark leafy greens is a long one but the takeaway is this shit not only tastes great when prepared the right way it helps you digest other foods as well.

Greek Yogurt - Speaking of digestion, greek yogurt is full of probiotics that help digestion and reduce bloating. Some even have enough protein to keep you feeling full longer, perfect for an afternoon snack.

Fresh Meat & Wild Caught Fish - Protein comes in many forms but through animal products like lean beef or fresh salmon, we get minerals like vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids that help our bodies in a variety of ways including heart health.

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