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5 of the Easiest F****** Finger Foods To Make.

(QuickSnacks For Summer Outings)

Let's face it, now that there is an end in sight to the COVID problem and we can possibly enjoy a very active summer no one wants to stay inside cooking all day (regardless of how much you love it). Today's post is dedicated to making quick and easy finger food so you can get your ass out there and enjoy the day without worrying about being hungry.

If you're not familiar with the term "finger food" don't worry about it, it's literally bite-size appetizers designed to eat without a fork. Think picnic snacks or cocktail parties but for this list, we will focus on recipes that don't require a lot of cooking or prep time. Because who really has time with the sun shining like it is right now! Make a few of these before you head out.

Sandwich Rollups - This is an easy one. All you need is a large tortilla wrap, some cold cuts, and cheese, and any of your other sandwich favorites and in minutes you have bite-size snacks without even turning on your stove.

Mini Cheeseburgers - All of the satisfaction without the guilt! Mini burgers are delicious and fun to eat and while they may take a bit more time to make and assemble they hold up well in your bag as you travel to the beach.

Chicken Bites - You can pretty much put anything on a stick and it becomes finger food but chicken is one of my favorites. Grilled or fried this Hawaiian-themed recipe is perfect for a sweet yet savory on-the-go snack.

Charcuterie - Like I said anything can be put on a stick and meats and cheeses are no exception. Perfect for a cocktail snack, this Ham, Cheese, & Olive skewer is full of flavor that will pair well with any drink and easy to assemble.

Caprese - For those of you who want a taste of something refreshing without meat, this is a must-try. It's also one of my favorite snacks!

Don't forget to check out the rest of the blog for more news and foodie goodness.

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