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5 Food Trends To Watch This Year

Let's face it, after over a year of a global pandemic some things will never be the same. People will carry sanitizer with them everywhere, learning and working online will be the new norm, and cooking habits have changed to accommodate all the shit we no longer do. More than 64% of global food consumers say they are tailoring their life and products to their individual needs so it makes sense that predicted food trends from last year have missed the mark. However, these 5 food trends have been getting a lot of love and seem to have staying power through the rest of 2021.

Carb Alternatives - Whether you're cutting carbs so you can look good or for health reasons, carb alternatives have proven they can be a tasty way to still eat what you love without the guilt.

Functional Foods - At the crossroad of vitamin-rich nutrients and tasty meals you'll find functional foods. Foods that provide health benefits that exceed their nutritional value have rightfully become popular with more people wanting to stay healthy, feel, and look great.

Fusion Cuisines - Have you ever had an Indian taco? I have and it was delicious AF. Restaurants are pushing the boundaries of traditional cuisines to offer customers a reason to come out and dine resulting in a wave of new flavors that are bold and exciting.

Home Baristas - Spending so much time at home has not changed the desire for delicious coffee, only where to get it. More people are buying fancy espresso and Keurig machines to satisfy their caffeine itch and discovering they don't need to spend $20 bucks on a cup of coffee anymore (unless they just want to).

TikTok Meals - TikTok has grown ridiculously large over the past year and one of the leading contributors to their content boom is cooking videos. The short bites of video can show you how to make quick bare-bones meals that are easy and delicious. Check out this article on 5 TikTok cooking hacks you should try.

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