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5 Easy AF Sheet Pan Dinners to Make in 2021

Short on time this week (or every week)? Then sheet pan meals are probably the best recipes for you, and there are tons of reasons for you to start making them. Sheet pan dinners became widely popular on Instagram in 2020 and rightfully so with so many new cooks in the kitchen but the reason for that is they are easy AF to make, won’t break the bank, can be on the table in under 40 minutes, and look delicious. Some of the best food-related Gram-worthy posts. Even more so, all that sh*t cooks together so any of these dinner recipes are easy to assemble and easy to clean up. You can find meals for just about any type of food lover across most major cooking sites, like NYTimes Cooking, but don’t worry I got you covered here with 5 recipes you can make every night this week. Make sure you read to the end and I’ll give you tips on how to come up with your own recipe as well.

Light protein, healthy greens, and by far one of the best looking sheet pan meals you can make. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

Root vegetables have become my favorite thing to make in 2020-2021 simply because they are filling and full of nutrients, so it’s only right we add some protein for a full balanced healthy meal. Cooking Classy Pulled this recipe together which can feed four for about $10-$12.

I mean, if you’re looking for a really good Nacho recipe check out my Loaded Chicken Nachos but if you want a no-fuss meal this one from Damn Delicious is amazing as well.

Take your sandwich game to the next level with this easy slider recipe. Unlike traditional sliders, there's no prep work for the meat but you will get the same warm delicious flavors. These are perfect for entertaining guests, especially the little fingered ones.

Craving take out but don’t want to spend take out money? Make your own without having to invest in a wok with this 20-minute recipe.

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