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5 Cooking Hacks From TikTok You Need To Get Into

Not all social media trends are noteworthy, in fact, most are silly and purely focused on garnering likes and attention and secondarily making us laugh. That said, every so often there are a few that unexpectedly serve a purpose. Hacks that save us time and make us better and in 2020 TikTok provided more than enough to get you in or out of the kitchen with a delicious ass meal. I tried a few and pulled together some recommendations on what you should try in 2021. I promise they are worth it!

Air Fryers aren’t new but they are a must-have in the kitchen simply because you can and should cook anything in them. It cuts cooking time in half, compared to a conventional oven, and TikTok chefs are coming up with new recipes every day. Click Here

The Egg Sandwich

Short on time in the morning? This hack will have your breakfast in your hand in minutes and honestly, it just makes sense to do it this way from now on. The best part is it's all done in one pan.

This one is the easiest no brainer and that’s probably why it's so popular. A simple cut in your tortilla allows you to easily fold and heat a variety of things and keeps you from making a mess. Click Here

Mac In A Mug

Who doesn’t f****** love a nice warm bowl of creamy mac and cheese? The problem is traditionally it takes a bit of time and you make more than you need. Not with this easy one-serving recipe.

Cake has long been regarded as a decadent snack for cheat days but can be notoriously difficult to make, and time-consuming. That’s why this 2 ingredient recipe needs to be in your back pocket at all times. Snack Away. Click Here


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