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4 Easy AF Holiday Appetizers

(Get Ready to Dig In)

Christmas is tomorrow and we can all hopefully expect an abundance of delicious ass food. If you're not ready though I pulled together a list of some quick and easy appetizer recipes that you can pull together for a last-minute gathering or impress the family with your cooking skills. As always, most of these include ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen and if not you can grab them from your local corner store. Check them out now and thank me later.

Pinwheels - are always a party favorite because they are the easiest way to put in minimal effort for the maximum number of people and still come out tasty AF. Whether veggie or full of cold cuts they are delicious finger foods you can snack on all day.

Bacon-wrapped Dates - are one of my favorites to make since they are savory, salty, and sweet, and oh so freaking satisfying. They take a bit of work but in the end, they are a crowd pleaser and worth every stuffed bite.

Stuffed Mushrooms - did someone say cheesy, herbed, and packed with protein? You'll serve up all that deliciousness with stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer and they can be ready in under 30 mins.

Brown Sugar Chicken Bites - we all love sweets at Christmas but savory will always be required, this recipe marries them perfectly. Besides you, cant have appetizers without chicken bites!

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