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2020 Food Trends In Review

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Way back in December of 2019 (when we thought the world couldn't get any crazier) I started researching food trends that were predicted to take the stage in 2020. My plan was to jump on the best ones, test, redesign, and expand my foodie catalog, obviously in this post covid world that journey has been somewhat altered. The food industry was hit harder than ever which means a lot of the predicted trends never came to be as consumers' pockets shrank and the caution over public dining experiences shifted our focus to at-home meals for pretty much the entire year. That said, I decided to look at the 2020 food trends that we came up with under pressure and how they may continue into 2021.

Special Experiences

Our friends at agree that the focus of indoor/outdoor dining has shifted to secluded spaces, specialized menus, and memorable experiences as a means to keep the lights on. This method is more than likely going to continue given we don’t have an end date for Covid 19 and we’re becoming spoiled by not having to crowd tiny spaces to pay for mediocre food. Here are a few dining experiences to enjoy if you’re in NYC.

Buying in Bulk

This one is a no brainer. Stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Costco thrived in 2020 with their support for delivery during quarantine but they also reminded us that buying in bulk (when you can) is usually cheaper than buying groceries at your local deli. More services like Fresh Direct also offer discounts for new customers that can offset the cost even more.

Cultural Food

This one was a prediction back in 2019 that ended up being far more relevant than we thought. With the majority of us trapped at home, we dove deeper into our cultural backgrounds (aka Mom’s Meals) and explored some old favorites. On the other side, those of us who missed our favorite Thai food places recreated those meals and learned new skills. Now that we have some flexibility in ordering out I expect there to be a consistent demand for what we missed.

Healthy Foods

A lot of us have been focused on staying healthy and active during these dark times and that translated into ingesting the right foods. In 2020 searches for healthy foods went up exponentially and across most social platforms we saw fitness models promote their meal prep methods for healthy time-saving eats and gain popularity. Not to mention the increase in popularity of fresh fruits and juices. Going into 2021 we’ll more than likely continue this trend as we mindfully head back into the world.

Social Media Chefs

With more people cooking at home and the rise of food services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh there has been an abundance of influencers taking to TikTok or The Gram (Instagram) to showcase their skills. Not all videos are great but that doesn’t mean people do not want to share. Expect more of this in 2021 as we continue to hang inside. Shout out to a few TikTok accounts that you can look to for serious eats: @cheflovely, Sonny Hurrell (@thatdudecancook), Foodies (@Foodies), Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown), Mythical Kitchen, @mythicalkitchen.

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